Easy Input Patch

This is a modified version of the easyinput-patch of Marcel Schaeben.

This patch implements an easyer method for writing text in text input fields. It works like text input in mobile phones.

It uses the keys 0-9, every key has several characters assigned.

1: -.#~,/_@1
2: abcäåá2
3: defé3
4: ghi4
5: jkl5
6: mnoöñó6
7: pqrs7
8: tuvüú8
9: wxyz9
0: space, 0
For example, if you want the character o, you have to press the key 6 three times.
You can use it simultaneously with the normal text input method (up/down).


Patch for VDR version 1.3.23.
vdr-1.3.23-easyinput-1.1.diff Patch for VDR version 1.3.23.

Here are my old versions:

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