Solitaire Plugin for VDR

This is the well-known card game Solitaire for the popular VDR-Project of Klaus Schmidinger.
The plugin is a modified version of the freecell-plugin of Sascha Volkenandt.

The description of this Plugin is found in the README file


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Solitaire-Plugin version 0.0.3 (vdr-solitaire-0.0.3.tbz2):
- Works with VDR 1.5.18
- patch from Thomas Guenther (tom at toms-cafe dot de) to correct problems compiling with "tools/list.h"
- patch from Adds -fPIC to Makefile to fix potential FTBFS.
- Fix from Andreas Jochens (aj at andaco dot de), to compile the plugin with gcc-3.4 (adapted from freecell plugin).
- Fixed warning in "tools/list.h"

Solitaire-Plugin version 0.0.2 (vdr-solitaire-0.0.2.tgz):
- Works with VDR 1.3.25
- Fixed a bug with a card-loss on the "open stack". Thanks to Guy Roussin for reporting the bug.
- Fixed a bug to lay back a card to the "open stack".
- New card-layout that should not flicker so much.
- Added finnish translation supported from Rolf Ahrenberg. Thanks to him.

Here are the old versions:

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